Determining the best speaker brands can be time-consuming. One has to take into account several factors, such as the product quality, reliability, and affordability, to find out which brands are worth stocking up. Customers usually look for tried and tested brands and this should be something you will be able to provide for them. To help you decide on which brands to take to your shop, we’ve listed some brands that offer top-quality speakers.


When it comes to portable speakers, one could never go wrong with purchasing products from Braven. This brand is committed to providing speakers that people can bring to their outdoor adventures. Compared to other Bluetooth speakers on the market, Braven speakers are more shockproof and water-resistant. They can withstand accidental dunks in lakes, drops, tumbles, and even occasional beer spill

Quick Tip: Customers who enjoy hiking, camping, and other recreational activities would look for compact and durable speakers. To meet this demand, consider adding Braven 105 to your shop’s catalog. This speaker is very compact and can handle being submerged in up to 1 meter of water for about 30 minutes. It also produces crisp and clear sound, which is ideal for outdoor listening.


Jam is one of the brands that focus more on producing speakers, headphones, and earbuds that are both functional and fashionable. It uses the latest technology to come up with wireless gadgets with the boldest looks. 

Jam speakers have long battery life and exceptional sound quality. When they are used in parties or small gatherings, your customers won’t need to worry about charging them. This is because Jam speakers can last for more than 20 hours.

Quick Tip: If you’re looking for long-lasting, portable bluetooth speakers for your fashionable customers, we recommend Jam Zero Chill Bluetooth Speakers. This product is specially designed not only to look fun and stylish but also to withstand dust, dirt, and water splashes. 


Since 1928, Motorola has been providing people with innovative and top-quality gadgets. The brand’s exceptional team utilizes cutting-edge technology to produce devices with premium design, long battery life, and other features that every customer needs to enjoy life. 

Many people associate Motorola with mobile phones. While it is true that this brand produces exceptional phones, it also creates stylish mobile accessories and other user-friendly gadgets, such as smartwatches, modems, headphones, and more. As a matter of fact, Motorola’s collection includes powerful and durable stereo speakers that your customers can use to enjoy their favorite music in any weather.

Quick Tip: If you have clients who use phones, which are part of the Moto Z family, we highly recommend stocking up on Motorola Smart Speaker with Amazon Alexa. This speaker enables its users to play music, listen to the news, and learn about today’s weather without having to unlock their gadgets. It has reliable built-in microphones, so you don’t have to worry about Alexa not hearing your commands clearly even when you’re a little far from it.

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Nowadays, half of the world’s entire population owns a smartphone. People use smartphones not only to communicate with others but also to share and listen to music. To take their music listening experience to another level, they will purchase portable Bluetooth speakers. 

Portable speakers are perfect for people on the go. They can be used for meetings, parties, and small gatherings. If you’re looking for quality speakers to sell in your shop, connect with us. We, at Issoy, are dedicated to helping our clients grow their businesses. Our team provides nothing but the best value for electronics purchased in bulk. This way, our clients can save more and earn more from the gadgets and accessories they’ve bought from us.