According to Statista, Investopedia, there are an estimated 175 million smart homes in the world. By 2022, the US is expected to have 63 million. In a smart home, appliances and devices are controlled remotely by the owner using a networked device. The devices are often connected to other smart devices in the house, making smart home technology super easy and convenient.

Smart home gadgets continue to grow in popularity and for a smartly good reason. They help keep one’s property safe while making everyday chores and functions more efficient. 

Now that many gadget shops are available both in physical stores and online, it’s essential to have features or products that significantly attract customers and set you apart. One example of this would be smart gadgets that make your customer’s home smarter. 

The smart home market is growing at an incredibly fast pace and your shop should make the most of it. They are all the rage nowadays, and as a gadget retailer, you must make sure that you stay updated with the best smart gadgets in the market. Here are some wholesale smart gadgets that will not only make your customer’s home smarter, your customers will also truly love them as well.

Sengled Pulse Amp Adapter

The Sengled Pulse Amp Adapter is sure to attract your music-loving customers. It can instantly amplify the overall sound quality from their Pulse Bluetooth® speaker system. They can also connect this to their existing subwoofer with a 3.5mm jack to wirelessly transmit the audio signal from a Pulse Master bulb.

Not only that. It’s also app-controlled and easy to install, which are instant selling points to technologically challenged customers. The pulse amp can be simply plugged into any standard wall outlet and connected to the subwoofer using a 3.5 mm auxiliary cable. The subwoofer can be added to a pulse sound system, so the user can adjust its volume and equalizer settings directly from an iOS or Android device.

Don’t be surprised if your sales on wholesale adapters will skyrocket after getting this. 

Motorola Smart Speaker with Amazon Alexa

The Motorola Smart Speaker with Amazon Alexa for Moto Z, Moto Z Play, and Moto Z2 Force is basically Amazon Alexa made better and made available anywhere. 

We all know how much customers love their digital assistants, and this product is like a digital assistant—but smarter. They just ask and Alexa responds. This smart speaker has four powerful microphones to make sure that Alexa always hears them no matter where they are. Playing music, getting news, asking questions, and more are made easier.

Get wholesale smart speakers and let the products speak for themselves (no pun intended!).

Sengled Pulse LED Smart Bulb

The Sengled Pulse LED Smart Bulb with JBL Bluetooth Speaker doesn’t only have an elegant look. It also promises your customers high-quality sound and whole-home music. Easy to install, it can be screwed into any standard e26 light socket or fixture, with no wires needed. Its bulbs work up to 100 feet apart.

Homeowners can also stream effortlessly as the Bluetooth speaker connects with Amazon Echo and Echo Dot for voice control. Plus, they can conveniently ask Alexa to play music from Amazon Music, Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio, TuneIn, and SiriusXM.

These wholesale smart bulbs will be the talk of the town in the world of gadget shops. Be sure to get them fast.

Google - Nest Audio - Smart Speaker

Every customer values their privacy, and this smart speaker was designed especially for that.

It comes with a privacy built-in, so they can delete their assistant history by simply saying, “Hey Google, delete what I just said.”

Encourage your customers to add this smart touch to their home audio system by explaining that Nest Audio works with their other Nest speakers and displays, Chromecast-enabled devices, or compatible speakers. Plus, just like many of our wholesale products, this is super easy to set up.

These wholesale speakers are available in charcoal and chalk.

Technology is constantly evolving, and so should your gadget shop. Get these products in wholesale and read up more on their features and properties to make sure that both your technologically challenged and tech-savvy customers will get the details and specs they want to know, eventually leading them to buy the products.