Online selling forever changed the game in the retail industry. People are always looking for the hottest new products in one tap or click on their gadgets. For business owners, this is a great opportunity to expand the array of products in online and physical stores.

According to Research and Markets, the global mobile phone protective case market is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 6.5% during the expected period from 2020 to 2028. It’s safe to say that the mobile phone protective cases market is majorly dependent upon the sale of smartphones, which, over the next few years, is expected to expand at a robust compound annual growth rate.

Mobile phone cases are designed to add a layer of protection to one’s beloved phone, keeping scratches and other damages due to spills, drops, and falls. It doesn’t hurt as well that today’s phone cases are aesthetically engaging. 

If you own or are planning to own a gadget shop, choosing to buy wholesale is one of the smartest decisions you can make. Buying in greater quantities can avail products at a much lower price from the suppliers. Needless to say, one item that is sought after in the market is smartphone cases of the latest and in-demand models. 

Phone cases come in different colors and designs to match anyone’s taste. But for those who love the great outdoors and go on heart-stopping adventures, an extremely reliable phone case is more than essential to capture moments and stay connected while on the go. Here are five types of wholesale cellphone cases to fit an active lifestyle:

1.  Impactium

Impactium is a shock-absorbing material. The raised bezel protects the screen from a direct drop. Some designs have a special clear or metallic coating on the exterior of the cases to avoid scratches with a dual-layer perimeter for added protection. This product’s sleek design and functionality will definitely catch the attention of buyers.

Let your customers gear up with something simple in design but impressive in durability, like the Presidio Stay Clear Case and Presidio Metallic Case for Apple iPhone XS/iPhone X.

2.  Leather

Genuine Leather with a brushed microfiber interior as a cellphone case makes a person exude a sophisticated vibe. As we all know, genuine leather has an unquestionable reputation for its durability and quality. This is perfect for customers who look for a minimalistic and stylish cover like Barely There Leather Case. Sleek and lightweight, it is 2mm thin and compatible with wireless charging.

3. Polycarbonate

This material is flexible plastic but not as soft as silicone. Cases like Spigen-Slim Armor or the Pelican iPhone 11 Pro Max Case Guardian Series offer absolute protection through dual layers, air cushion technology, and soft bumper sidewalls for a non-slip grip. Some designs even display rounded sides and flush buttons to give customers a more comfortable grip.

4. Hybrid Case

Hybrid phone cases refer to a design that brings dual-layer protection and a slim profile together in one, durable phone case. This robust and textured case is recently getting a lot of attention. It often gives the phone dual-layered protection with a resistant polycarbonate shell inside. It also boasts a great grip, shockproof, and considered one of the toughest varieties in the market. It may be heavier than the other types, but it's worth a try. The UAG Samsung Galaxy S7 [5.1-inch Screen] Feather-Light Composite [ICE] may be just the piece your daredevil customers are looking for.

5. Rugged

Rugged case looks quite similar to the Hybrid Back Case. This particular case may offer extra protection than others. It is usually made of multiple layers of leather and metal hardware. Companies also have these products undergo Military Drop Test. Cases attached in phones are dropped twenty-six times and inspected for damage after each drop. This means that anything that passes through this process is extremely durable and strong. An active lifestyle calls for iPhone Caserugged phone cases like the Monarch Feather-Light Rugged [Graphite] Military Drop Tested or the UAG LG V40 ThinQ Plasma Feather-Light Rugged [Ice].

Start-up owners can easily buy and avail wholesale phone cases at special prices. You just need to look for suppliers who offer the best deals, excellent customer service, and discounts for wholesale transactions. Aside from phone cases, Issoy also offers other items considered as high-in-demand products on physical and online stores such as cell phones, Bluetooth speakers, computer accessories, smartwatches, and others.