We love how taking care of oneself by getting active has become so popular nowadays. However, having an active lifestyle also means needing the necessary items to make one’s active lifestyle easier.

As a gadget and accessories shop, you have the means to bring functional items for customers to better enjoy and feel fulfilled in their active lifestyle. We’ve gathered the 5 best wholesale power and charging accessories you can bring to your store that will surely be a hit for your exercise-loving customers.

Ventev Powercell Power Bank

We wouldn’t be surprised if we find out that almost everyone brings a trusty power bank when they go out. These days, forgetting to bring a power bank can be just as bad as forgetting to bring your phone!

A compact yet useful power bank like the Ventev Powercell Power Bank has a 5200mAh portable battery, allowing 21 hours of talk time or 17 hours of the internet, video, and audio playback. This will help customers with an active lifestyle when watching workout videos, calling their coaches, or even discussing workout goals with friends. These wholesale power banks will be a favorite in your shop.

Mophie Ultra-Slim Wireless Charging Battery Case

Let’s be real: As much as we adore power banks, it can sometimes be too much trouble to carry around an extra device. Fortunately, the Mophie ultra-slim wireless charging battery case, which is basically a phone case, can serve as an extra battery. Plus, with full access to the lightning port, this case allows users to still use their EarPods while charging. Who doesn’t love a good workout with great music?

This case’s high-impact protection can also be extremely appealing to active customers. The phone’s polycarbonate exterior dissipates impact, protecting your phone from bumps and giving your customers the confidence to do the most intense workouts.

Ventev Universal Wireless Charger

When we say that the Ventev universal wireless charger is one of the strongest, we mean it. This wireless charger’s high-speed charging feature consists of a 15W output that delivers a charging experience thrice as fast as its competitors. It has international charging with the power of Qi, PMA, and Fast Wireless Charging.

Since those with active lifestyles love watching workout videos and fitness vlogs, this wireless charger is going to be a hit. It’s a desktop charger and phone stand in one device, making it easier for customers to watch their workout guides while charging.

Be sure to stock up on these wholesale universal wireless chargers. Your customers will thank you for it!

Samsung Qi Wireless Charger and UV Sanitizer

Wholesale UV sanitizers, anyone? Who wouldn’t love a trusty UV sanitizer, especially at a time like this? What we love about the Samsung Qi Wireless Charger and UV Sanitizer is, first and foremost, its high germicidal efficiency. The light can effectively kill up to 99% of harmful germs and bacteria, including E. Coli, Staphylococcus, and Candida albicans.

Another feature we absolutely love is the way it can sanitize and charge at the same time! Qi Wireless Technology can fast-charge your smartphone. Now your customers can sanitize their smartphones after a long sweaty workout while they charge it as well. Everybody loves efficiency!

Ventev Dashport

We love people’s dedication to heading to the gym, but sometimes, a drive to the gym means not being able to charge your phone at home. Luckily, the Ventev Dashport is here to save the day. This can simultaneously charge your USB Type-C™ and other mobile devices as it has its own attached C connector capture cord and additional USB Type-A output.

Customers can now say goodbye to low batteries—even when they forget to charge at home!

Customers powered up with active lifestyles? Great! Phones powered up to keep up with their lifestyles? Even greater! These wholesale charging accessories are just what your store needs. See all of Issoy’s phone case and other accessories that you can bring to your shop here.