In today’s world full of whole-day meetings and tiring errands, it’s almost too difficult to stop and slow down. With your customers’ busy days and nights, they tend to overlook other important matters—even charging their devices.

Luckily, we have just the right wholesale power and charging accessories that your customers need. Check out these 5 wireless wholesale power and charging accessories that can be their companions when life gets too out of hand.

Mophie Ultra-Slim Wireless Charging Battery Case (For Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max)

No one can blame those whose iPhones always end up having a low battery. After all, a lot of work conversations nowadays happen online. That is why this wireless charging battery case is going to be a hit with your iPhone-using customers.

Acting as an extra battery when needed, this case has a built-in battery with enough power to get your customers through their busy days. Also, did we mention that users can also use their EarPods to listen or talk while charging? This becomes a big help for those who are in virtual meetings every minute of every day.

What we especially love about this charging battery case is its high-impact protection. Your iPhone is definitely protected from bumps thanks to this case’s tough polycarbonate exterior that dissipates impact.

Mophie Wireless Portable Charger

You can never go wrong with a good old trusty portable charger. This Mophie wireless portable charger will surely be something that a lot of customers will be looking for. With the charge force power station, this device allows users to charge without any cables. Simply place a Qi-enabled smartphone on top of the charge force power station and push the button. Users get 48 hours of extra battery power on their smartphones, and with the extra USB port, they can even charge another device simultaneously.

Order wholesale wireless portable chargers and show your customers that these are the chargers of the future!

Mophie Travel Kit

Now that there are so many jobs that involve traveling, we wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of your customers will need chargers for that very purpose. Be sure to get these wholesale travel kits in order for you to recommend only the best travel kit one can find.

Thanks to its compact design and travel pouch, the Mophie travel kit makes it easy to carry everything that you need to charge. It’s also compatible with virtually any Qi-enabled smartphone.

Convenience and ease of use are also the two things that these wholesale travel kits pride themselves on. Simply place a smartphone on the pad and see it charge immediately.

iWalk Wireless Charging Pad

We absolutely love the iWalk Qi-certified wireless charging pad not only for its charging capabilities but also for its gorgeous design. The color of this device screams sophistication and professionalism—two traits that your busy customers cherish the most.

This wireless charging pad works for both Apple and Android devices. It has a Qi-inductive charging technology and is compatible with fast charging. We absolutely love it, and your customers will too!

Naztech MagBuddy Wireless Charger Air Vent Mount

Nothing says “hands-free” better than the Naztech MagBuddy wireless charge air vent mount. Like the many other wholesale charging devices on our website, this device doesn’t need to be plugged with a charging cable into the port on a phone. Simply hover your Qi device near the charging base.

Your customers will love (and may even be amazed by) the magnetic force of this device, as well as its speed when charged on contact. This mount is a godsend for busy customers who are always on the road.

It’s almost impossible to find someone who leaves home without a charger. We hope these devices will help your customers navigate through their daily lives as they lean on their trusty devices powered by these superb wholesale wireless chargers.

See our full inventory and get the best wireless wholesale power and charging accessories for your customers today.