Smartphones are becoming smarter so fast; that it overwhelms the users with new performance-enhancing updates every year. However, despite these upgrades, consumers still use some accessories to take full advantage of their smartphone's features.

Phone accessories come in various types, sizes, and functions that match the user's lifestyle. But consumers are more likely to buy phone accessories that can fit any situation and activity. With this in mind, stocking wholesale phone accessories for weekend trips will surely boost your customer base. 

Here are the phone accessories for weekend trips that you should display on your store shelves without further ado.

When a consumer gets a new smartphone, the first thing they buy is a case to protect it. There are different models, like ones with rubber or leather cases. Most consumers choose a case that fits around the edges of their phone to protect it from drops and other damage. 

Even though smartphones cost money, they are still fragile and may break when dropped. So, most consumers invest in a waterproof smartphone case that can absorb shocks to protect their gadgets and make them last longer.

Most smartphone users want a good sound, but smartphone packages typically come with poor quality earphones. With this in mind, most users would buy some good wireless earphones. These earpieces are super comfy to use. Moreover, it has eliminated the trouble of wires that get tangled all the time, especially when they are on the go.

Wireless earphones on the market come in various styles and have a lot of different useful features. Some are made for sports, and others are very good at blocking out noise. Whether your store shelve has, these small accessories are essential to every smartphone user.

The latest smartphone models are likely to run out of power quickly because they have many built-in features. This is especially true if the smartphone user loves being outdoors and often uses the smartphone's GPS, camera, and other valuable features.

While smartphones keep getting better batteries, users often push their devices to their limits with their habits. Having a portable power bank can keep them using their phone even if the battery dies. It is one of the most important phone accessories, particularly for users that are always on a trip. 

Some states have severe rules prohibiting smartphone use while driving to increase road safety. It's too strict that even a touch on the phone while driving may result in a hefty fine.

However, certain phone features can still be used s in the vehicle as long as the phone is mounted and not handled directly. This makes phone mounts one of the most sought after among consumers that are always on the road, driving. It's cheap, and it saves them from paying hundreds of dollars for tickets.

Any smartphone can become even better with an accompanying smartwatch. When spending the weekend exploring or hiking, a smartwatch is always more convenient for checking new messages, taking calls, ​​using apps, and even recording one’s heart rate and other vital signs, which is important when outdoors.

Display the coolest and most functional smartwatch accessories, and you’re sure to attract the adventure-seeking clientele.

Waterproof Pouch

Some newer phones are water-resistant; however, they are not entirely waterproof. While there are waterproof smartphone cases, waterproof pouches are the cheapest way to keep smartphones from water damage, particularly saltwater.

Waterproof pouches let the users take their phones while they are on the water and capture the best moments without risking the safety of their smartphones. It comes with a sling, allowing the users to use their hands freely without worrying about losing their phones. Moreover, it doesn't affect the quality of the smartphone's camera.

Whether it’s camping or hitting the beach, a good portable speaker is always great company. Blast the music and get the weekend started with durable speakers made to perform even amid dust or after being accidentally dropped in water. 

Final Thoughts

These are the top six phone accessories that you should have on your store displays. Smartphone users always want to get the most out of their devices, and these accessories will help them a lot, particularly those who love weekend trips!