We all know that Gen Z is a generation of digital natives. Born between 1997 and 2012, these individuals grew up in a world of technological innovations, and it’s no surprise that many of them already have their own phones. 

Needless to say, this is something that you, as a shop owner, should take advantage of. You have a new, young, and eager market—that has spending powers—right in front of you! But tread lightly, this group is also known to know exactly what they want. Thus, make sure you have what they need the moment they check out your store.

With that, we narrowed down the best wholesale phone cases you can bring to your gadget shops. Here are some phone cases that Gen Z-ers will surely love.

For the Aesthetic-Loving Gen Z

Nowadays, “aesthetic” and “curation” are words that are very familiar to Gen Z. With their love for individuality, they also enjoy curating their phones both internally and externally.

Incipio Design Series Protective Case for iPhone XR (6.1") with Stylish Prints and Clear Cover Design - Cranberry Sparkler

This Incipio case has a modern aesthetic with its chic patterns. The transparency of the case shows the original color of the iPhone while adding an elegant touch. The raised bezel lifts the screen and camera off flat surfaces, protecting the iPhone’s features from dirt and scrapes.


For the Minimalist Gen Z

From laptops to bedrooms, many Gen Z folks have expressed their love for simplicity and minimalism so they would likely express it with their phones as well.

Speck Products Presidio Show Case for iPhone XS/iPhone X, Clear/Bright White

This clear/bright white case has been dropped from a height of 10 feet multiple times by laboratories, guaranteeing protection and durability. The design is optimized to create the slimmest case that the brand has ever produced.

For the Adventurous Gen Z

The Gen Z age bracket is undoubtedly filled with adventurous adrenaline junkies or sport lovers. With that, they need a case that will protect their phones from any possible danger.

UAG iPhone Xs Max [6.5" Screen] Plasma Feather-Light Rugged [Magma]

This feather-light case has a patented hard outer shell with a soft impact-resistant core. It provides 360-degree protection for the phone and meets military drop-test standards.

For the Flower-Loving Gen Z

Dried flowers have become a thing lately, and anyone who loves dried flowers would love to have them on their phones.

Case-Mate Protective Case Compatible with iPhone X Pink Karat Petals Case

This protective case has anti-scratch technology plus refined metallic buttons and dried flowers. You can also be sure that the iPhone is safe with the case’s shock-absorbing bumper.

For the Netflix-Binging Gen Z

Netflix and other streaming platforms have become an integral part of society. For many Gen Zs, streaming has become a part of their everyday lives. A phone case that comes with a stand will be incredibly helpful for them. 

Scooch Wingman Case for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus (Clear)

The Scooch Wingman case comes with a stand to make it easier for the Netflix-binging Gen Z to put their phone on a desk, perfect for watching while doing other household chores. This case also gets rid of pinky fatigue by allowing you to reach the highest corners of the phone.

For the Pop Culture-Loving Gen Z

It’s pretty rare to find a Gen Z who doesn’t like pop culture. Let them express their love for it through their phone cases.

Haainc GP-G973HIFGKWB Samsung Galaxy Friends Iron Man Smart Cover for Galaxy S10

This Iron Man Smart Cover has a protective back case. It’s also convenient with its quick access buttons on both home and lock screen displays.


For the Groovy Gen Z

The groovy Gen Z would love a phone case that has a groovy design, exuding their groovy personality.

Case-Mate - Tough Groove - Case for iPhone 11 Pro - 5.8 inch – Iridescent

The Tough Groove case has a 3-dimensional look that radiates a multi-colored hue. The texture also gives a tactile feel for an easier grip. This case has 10-foot drop protection and anti-scratch technology.

Each person has their own style and personality. Luckily, you’ll find wholesale phone cases for every personality at Issoy. Check out all our phone cases here