Although it’s become second nature to have a smartphone for most people, it’s not always convenient to wrestle it out of your pocket or your purse when your hands are full. This is one of the reasons the smart watch is such a great tool: it’s right there on your wrist where you need it, packed full of many of the same features as your smartphone, but housed in a much smaller package that stays put.

Smart watches aren’t near as popular as smartphones, but there are a lot of reasons to consider getting one – reasons that continue to grow as more developers come up with new and better ways to make a smartwatch useful. As that trend continues, the number of smartwatch accessories is growing, too. For retailers, it’s important to know the kinds of features a smartwatch can offer to better pitch it to your customers when they ask—or even if they don’t. Here are some reasons for your customers to consider investing in a smartwatch.

Pay for Things

You’re in the self-checkout line at the grocery store and your hands are full. You’re in a hurry, plus there are a dozen people behind you clearing their throats and shuffling their feet like they’re in a hurry, too. You’re scrambling to get all your purchases out of your hands, over the scanner and then back into your arms again, because you don’t want to use a plastic bag, but of course you forgot to bring your reusable one. When it’s time to pay, you just wave your smartwatch in front of the pay console with your hands full of stuff. Voila! Bought and paid for. Now, can you get out to the car without dropping anything breakable?

Sync With Your Phone For Perfectly Snapped Pictures

You’re at the top of a pyramid on your vacation and the sun is setting. You want to gather your partner close to you and get the absolute PERFECT shot of the two of you on top of this feat of the ancient world, so you set up your smartphone 10 feet away and wait. When you judge the sun is right where you want it, you start snapping pics by pressing a button on your smartwatch. Ten feet away, your smartphone camera snaps pic after pic, and you nail it. One of those pics ends up over your fireplace in the first home you buy together.

Control Your Home’s Temperature And Lights And More

You’ve had a really long day and almost forgot that you invited the neighbors over for dinner. You start to curse under your breath, then you remember that there’s no need. You pull up your refrigerator on your smartphone and ask if you have any wine chilling. You do! Great. You then tell your house’s thermostat to change the temperature in the living and dining room from 72 to 68 degrees because you know your neighbor’s husband runs hot. By the time you get home, the temperature will be perfect. You also change the settings to turn on the porch light earlier than normal so the neighbors can see the steps when they show up at the front door early, like they usually do.

Built in GPS

You could have sworn you knew the way to that alpine lake, but somehow you must have got turned around. No need to panic and try to remember what kinds of tree bark are edible. You check the GPS on your phone and see exactly where you went wrong.

Find Your Phone

You’ve got an important meeting this morning and you can’t be late. You’ve only given yourself the usual 5 minutes to grab your phone and keys before running out the door, but of course now you can’t find your phone. No need to panic. You use your smartwatch to find your phone, and it’s a good thing you did—your kid must have thought it was a funny trick to hide it in the bottom of their toy chest.

Keep Track of Calories, Steps, Speed and More

You want to get back into shape, but it’s pretty hard to find big chunks of time during the day that you can use to exercise. You decide to see how much extra physical activity you can build in to your regular routine by using the stairs at work, getting off one stop early on the subway, and walking faster than usual. Your smartwatch helps you keep track of all these things and shows you how much more exercise you’re getting in, how many more calories you’re burning, and how much faster you’re actually moving. All that information keeps you motivated, and before you know it you feel better than you have in years.

Change Your Watch Face and Watch Strap As Often as You Like

Today you’ve got an important meeting with potential new clients. Tomorrow your kid is having a pirate-themed birthday party. Friday there’s a black-tie fundraiser at the school. Saturday you’re going running with a friend. Fortunately, you have several watch bands for your smartwatch and they’re easy to change out so you can wear it for any occasion. You also have a sleek bumper case that keeps the watch safe for some of the more rambunctious activities you do—like wrangling kids at the birthday party when you show up as Jack Sparrow. Not only that, but thanks to your kids’ love of technology, you’ve learned how to change the face of your watch, too. You’ll let them pick the display for the pirate party. You’ve already found a tasteful option for the more formal events.

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