While cellphones are undeniably handy and laptop can feel more complete, nothing strikes the right balance between convenience and compactness more than a tablet. For many reasons, tablets are a much more practical option than our usual phones and laptops. They’re big enough for watching our favorite shows and handy enough to get a lot of work done.

However, with the tablet’s size and function comes the need for accessories to make them easier to use. Here are 6 wholesale tablet accessories that are great for your customers’ needs.

Speck Products BalanceFolio Case and Stand

The Speck Products BalanceFolio Case and Stand, which is suitable for the iPad 9.7-inch, 9.7-inch iPad Pro, and iPad Air 2/Air, doesn’t only protect your device. It also makes it extra functional. More than its 4-foot drop protection, this practical case also has an adjustable stand, making it great for reading, typing, or watching shows and movies. Students and working professionals will definitely appreciate how much this case helps with their productivity.

These wholesale cases are available in black/slate grey.

Nite Ize Inka Mobile Pen Stylus

You’d be surprised how a lot of people these days prefer writing on devices than on pen and paper. This is why the Nite Ize Inka Mobile Pen Stylus is likely to come in handy for that type of customer.

This dual-function pen and stylus has a top that is made of durable nylon and carbon fiber, which means it’s tough and lightweight, just like how customers like it. It has a carabiner clip to secure with your key ring, zipper pull, or any loop.

Our favorite part about these wholesale accessories is that there’s a pen on one end and a touch-screen stylus on the other. The pen can write even in extreme temperatures and at any altitude (Yup, it works underwater too). The touch-screen stylus is great for notes and presentations.

PopSockets: PopGrip With Swappable Top

Who doesn’t love a handy PopSocket? Get these wholesale phone grips that have swappable tops, allowing you to switch the current one out for another design or remove it completely. The secure grip makes it easier to take better photos, text with one hand, and watch videos hands-free.

iPad Mini Smart Cover

What’s cooler than a smart device? A smart cover, of course! This iPad Mini Smart Cover automatically awakens your iPad when it’s opened and puts it in sleep mode when it’s closed. It also protects the front of your device as it is made from a single piece of polyurethane.

Plus, this smart cover can be folded into various positions to make reading, viewing, video calling, or typing easier.

UAG Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.4 Case Scout With Kickstand

The UAG Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.4 Case Scout With Kickstand is likely going to be a hit for clumsy customers. It has an impact-resistant soft core and a tactile grip exterior, allowing the user to have a solid grip. The built-in kickstand is also great for desktop use.

Our favorite part is the fact that it meets military drop test standards. Get these wholesale tablet cases for your store!

UAG Folio iPad Pro 11-Inch Metropolis Feather-Light Rugged [Magma] Military Drop-Tested iPad Case

This iPad case is the epitome of practical and efficient. It has a built-in Apple Pencil holder and is compatible with Apple Pencil pairing and charging, which is probably something that your artist customers are looking for!

It has an impact-resistant soft core and a water-resistant soft tactile grip material. The adjustable stand with an auto wake or sleep folio cover is definitely helpful too. Also, it meets military drop test standards, which is always a plus.

iPad Mini Smart Cover - Pink Sand

Not just pretty in pink, this iPad Mini smart cover is made of polyurethane to protect the front of your device. It can easily fold into different positions to make reading, viewing, typing, or video calls convenient. As a smart cover, it automatically wakes your iPad when opened and puts it to sleep when closed. 

No one can so no to accessories that will not only revamp the look of a device, but make life easier too. Have these wholesale tablet accessories in your store and allow your customers to marvel at the amazing features.