This month we’re featuring a colorful set of headphones for kids. Made by Wicked Audio, these Rad Rascal headphones are bright red and yellow and fit snugly over the head. They’ll stay put while their wearer dances or fidgets while they’re listening. 

These headphones for kids have a safety volume feature that keeps them from being turned up too loud, protecting the wearer’s hearing. They’re attached to a four-foot cord so the user will have plenty of room to move as they’re listening. PE teacher requiring dance moves in place? Super hero movie got the kid leaping up to shout at the screen and pretend to fly with them? No problem.

These headphones for kids are scaled to fit a child’s head and can be adjusted as they grow. They’re built for comfort and made to withstand the wear and tear that kids can wreak on their most-used toys.

These Rad Rascal Kids’ Headphones have a 30mm driver, 85-decibel sensitivity and 20-20,000

Hz frequency. They operate with a 32 ohm impedance.

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