Cellphones, laptops, gadgets, smartwatches–they are practically an extension of the human limbs in this day and age. When power trickles down to the very last percentage, panic breaks lose. Running on zero power can mean being disconnected from reality. So, before their batteries dwindle to nothing, the modern individual makes sure to pack the best charging accessories so they can always power up. 

Thus, any gadget shop worth their salt would also stock up on wholesale power accessories so no consumer would ever be left crippled from dead gizmos. Here are the best power and charging accessories you can buy wholesale to keep your customers happy:


Wall Power Bricks

A pocket-sized wall charger will take a gadget from 1 per cent to a hundred, especially if it has fast-charging features. Wholesale portable wall chargers are staples that every gadget shop should have. This product is an essential item that most gadgets run on. Anywhere there is a socket, this type can be plugged in to charge. 

The Scosche PBH71 Portable Wall Charger & Backup Battery, a two-in-one power source, is a gift that keeps on giving. It allows continuous limited charging even when unplugged, giving the user more options to replenish energy.


Cords and Cables

Power bricks and adapters are deemed powerless without compatible cords. They are the veins that connect the power source to the gadget. Unless the battery pack is wireless or comes with an attached cable, this is a must-have item to keep close to one’s devices. While this is a basic requirement for any tech-savvy person, it is often the fastest to deteriorate. 

Users are drawn to fast and durable cables like the Qmadix High Quality Usb-c 3.1 Charging Data Sync Cable, which can transfer data up to 10 Gbps super speed and syncs device from any USB-C or USB-C data-port.

Wireless Chargers

On the other side of the fence, some chargers conveniently do without those strips. Wireless chargers have become all the rage as their fast and easy method has revolutionized charging. Simply resting or touching the device to the surface of a wireless charging pad will already send a surge of power.

Some people are not fans of the tangled mess that comes with cords and cables, and a wireless dock such as the Ventev - Wireless watch dock Duo with Integrated Apple Watch Charger hits two birds with one stone. 


Power banks

When you have power in your pocket, it gives you peace of mind. Power banks fit easily inside any bag so that travelers can always have backup batteries without the bulk. Go-getters tote around a grab-and-go battery pack, so they stay connected. Thus, a strategic shop owner will provide wholesale power banks with different capacities for various needs. 

Portable chargers range from ample amounts of mAH to reboot mobile phones to supplying multiple circulations to heavy-duty laptops. Invest in a compact yet powerful power bank like the Ventev Powercell Power Bank 5200 mAh Universal that offers 5200mAhportable battery and delivers 21 hours of talk time or 17 hours of the internet (4G), video, and audio playback.


Car Chargers

Other accessories boast a compact design that makes it handy. However, having extra reinforcement in one’s vehicle is always a good idea. After all, a significant power source is just right under that hood. So, people take advantage of this fact with a practical car charger with a USB port.

For instance, Ventev Dashport Car Charger has two ports to charge a couple of devices simultaneously. With the number of cars on the road, drivers will scurry for a proper charger for their trusty wheels, and a multifunctional one will sell like hotcakes. Always having a sufficient supply of wholesale car chargers will help equip road goers with their emergency power. Help more drivers be safe and connected on the road.


With Great Power…

…comes great responsibility. As gadget sellers, you must go with the ever-flowing tide of the new age. With a lot of technological advances sprouting, owning multiple charging accessories is already the norm. One cannot simply live without one, so make sure you supply a wide variety with only the best quality wholesale power and charging accessories.

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